Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How I spent last sunday

On last sunday morning I decided to plan my day.But all things did not go according to my plans [hey come on its so in everybody's life-so my tip for the day is never make complicated plans in your life].I think that we should live our life as it is,if we are sincere enough we will not even get a chance to regret. So ,my not going according to my schedule is a good thing for you.I made a 'beautiful' [beauty is in the eye of the viewer but I think you will like it] chocolate cake. I thought its a "funner" way to spend my day [I am a huge fan of 'Ramona and Beezus' please do bear with me if you don't like that movie.If you haven't seen it try watching it because there is a 99% chance that you might really really like it].

My Dream Chocolate cake with Candied Strawberries


For my version of candied strawberries:
[I had to do it as we don't get sweet and juicy strawberries in Kerala]

1) Fresh strawberries cut in half [like in the above photo ]
2) Grape or strawberry syrup.

Place the cut strawberries on the syrup.Wait for half a day or 2 to 3 hours.Now you have the perfect juicy delicious strawberries.this process also brings out the beautiful aroma of the strawberries.

For the Chocolate cake:

1) Plain flour ['maida mavu'in malayalam]- 2Cup[200-250gram]
2)Cocoa powder -3/4 Cup
3)Baking powder-2tsp
5)Vanilla essence/extract-1tsp
6)Powdered sugar-2Cup[or 1 1/2 cup based on requirement]
7)Buttermilk or Milk-1/2 cup
8)Saltless butter-125Gram
9)A pinch of salt
10)Chopped Dark chocolate -25to 50 gram[*I used Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate)
1)Preheat oven -150 C
2)Sieve all dry ingredient together-choclate/cocoa powder,flour,baking powder and salt.
3)Beat butter until it become really buttery.To it add powdered sugar/castor sugar.
4)Beat egg white and yolk seperately.To the egg yolk add vanilla essence and mix well.Add the yolk and white seperately to the butter mixture.
5)Add the dry igredients to the wet, mixed ingredients.
6)Add the buttermilk/milk/milkmade as per requirement.Don't add too much.The mixture which we get now will be semifluid and viscous.
7)To this mixture add the chopped chocolate.
8)Pour the mixture on a greased/buttered container[butter paper can also be used for best result] and put it in the oven.
9) Bake for about 40-45 min.
NOTE:If you want to check the cake using a skewer only try it after 25-30min after putting the cake in the oven.Or you will lose a major amount of heat in the oven.
For icing and decoration:
1)Melted Dairy milk chocolate[melted in a little amount of milk]
2)My version of candied strawberries.

Spread the melted chocolate on the cake and place the strawberries 'as you like it'.
An alternate icing recipie:
You require 1/2 cup of cocoa powder,2cup icing sugar, 250-500 gram cream cheese and 200 g butter.
Procedure:Whip butter and cream cheese.To it add icing sugar and cocoa powder.Whip it well and you icing is ready.


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