Thursday, May 10, 2012

Something new?

Hi friends. I started this blog, as sort of a food blog. But my life is not all about cooking. Here are some of my paintings, showing you something else that I do and which makes me, me. Am I an artist? I don't know, maybe you could decide on that. These are not my best paintings but I guess this will give you some idea about me.

                                            41 x 52 cm

42 x 55 cm

This painting is not one of my own creation, I drew this painting inspired by the works of

This are two of my paintings which I sold

                                      25 x 35cm
                                   Sold [Rs 1500]

25 x 15 cm 
Sold [Rs 1000]
      Not a big deal but it was really a great deal for me. It is so in many of our lives. You can't expect what all things you might have to do for a living. Maybe I will turn out to be a painter and I might do it for a living. Though I am planning to do my PG in Botany and later go for higher studies. I might not end up where I  think I am supposed to. That is the inevitable truth of life and as mere mortal humans we are forced to accept it. Guess it was a bit too philosophical. I will try to change the language when I feel more optimistic. Bye for now.

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