Sunday, May 13, 2012

A "funner" way to spend your time when you travel

       Just some of my photography skills. Hey, I know it is not much, but atleast I think it is 'funner' way to spend our time and to remember the places we have seen in the past and to relive those moments in your mind. So to my friends who dose not like photography,its really nice, try it out and check out these photos. I think you need not be a trained photographer to win the 'Pulitzer prize' [Its just my theory its upto you to make it a reality]. I am not saying that it is easy, its just that we should try to find beauty in small things and try to see things the way others don't. So, we have to be different and I think being different is good.

Can you guess who is trying to run away in this photo? 


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